Our steel shot conforms the European CIP regulations as well as the US SAAMI Regulation. We can provide certificates of conformity upon customer request.

All steel shot is carefully manufactured and finished with a rust inhibitor and can be packed in 5 kilo bottles,
or 1000 kilo nylon bags or drums.
  • steel-shot.com - For the serious reloader
  • Providers of highly polished, precision steel shot
  • C.I.P standard-approved
  • Suppliers to reloaders and the ammunition manufacturing industry alike
  • In quantities to suit you - From 5 kilos to 1 tonne orders available
Combination orders with Lead Shot, Steel Shot, Tin Shot, Tungsten Shot, or please email us for further details.
Steel shot provides a cheaper, viable alternative to lead, which performs well.

Two factors which must be considered when choosing a load:

  • Density 

  • Hardness

Steel shot is approximately 30% lighter than lead shot of equal size. This doesn't equate to 30% reduction in energy, as load velocity is managed; increasing velocity increases pellet energy. Larger pellets contain more energy per pellet at longer ranges. However, the larger the pellet, the more difficult it is to control for patterns.

So when selecting your load, choose the pellet with sufficient energy for your requirements, rather than just the maximum size possible. Generally, shooters experienced with steel shot recommend using a shot that is one or two sizes bigger than the equivalent lead shot.

For example, if you generally use a lead size 5, try a steel size 4 or 3.

Facts to Consider?

Larger pellets stay on course longer.? Smaller pellets are well suited to upland game.? Steel shot loads have developed in recent years, and there has been a radical advancement in performance in the field.Steel-shot.com supplies highly polished, precision steel shot. Please see chart for sizes available.Small and large orders are available and can be combined with lead shot, plated steel shot and tungsten shot. 
Please contact us for pricing and availability.


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One of the first manufacturers of steel shot for cartridge manufacturing - Steel Shot Company Ltd have over 20 years of unrivalled experience in the shotgun manufacturing industry.
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