Our steel shot conforms to both the European CIP regulations as well as the US SAAMI Regulation. We can provide certificates of conformity upon customer request.

Steel shot is up to 3 times harder than lead. C.I.P standard-approved.Higher pellet counts due to lower density.
The cheapest, most widely used alternative.
With increasing pressure in the UK to comply to the 1999 lead shot restrictions for shooting any bird or animal over wetlands, more and more shooters are turning to steel shot as the only cost effective lead free alternative.
BASC launched their Use Lead Legally campaign this summer to remind individuals of the correct use of lead. If you are thinking of changing to steel shot please read  FAQ-questions an answers regarding steel shot. 
Current CIP (Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms) regulations relating to steel shot cartridges for 12 and 20 bore shotguns, and the proof requirements of guns used to fire steel shot ammunition.
To find out more about UK Laws on C.I.P Regulations on Steel Shot Ammunition and Shotgun Proof please have a look at UK Laws page.

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One of the first manufacturers of steel shot for cartridge manufacturing - Steel Shot Company Ltd have over 20 years of unrivalled experience in the shotgun manufacturing industry.
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